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STEM Education: Does America Have the Right Stuff? [INFOGRAPHIC]


(click to get a closer look at the STEM education infographic)

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One Mom’s Quest to Ace the SAT

Help Debbie Stier out on her quest to ace the SAT’s by taking this really quick survey.

The Perfect Score Project

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Muahahaha… Happy Halloween!

The SAT can be pretty sneaky! Show it who’s boss in this (Halloween-themed!) strategy session today! We’ll cover all the tricks and traps it uses so you see them coming on test day. This is all part of Knerd Week in preparation for the November 6 test. BTW, it’s free! :)

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What is everyone dressing up as for Halloween?


Halloween at Knewton: Angry Chickens, Tanooki Mario, Rex Kwon Do and the GMAT


As a junior in high school, would colleges think it bad if I didn't take a science course? My schedule didn't have enough room for a science course. I signed up for a science course (Physical Science) online but I'm thinking about dropping it; I have two other AP classes and many extracurricular activities going on as well.

Asked by Anonymous

Hi! As long as you are taking an otherwise challenging course load, colleges probably won’t be too concerned that you are not taking a science class. If you take science for three years in high school, that should be fine (unless you are planning on majoring in a science-related field, applying to a science-focused school, or planning to become some sort of scientist, of course)! Talk to your college counselor or guidance counselor about your situation, but don’t stress out too much! Good luck.